Welcome to Aldanex Group

Vipelenkuja 4, Rauha, 55320, Finland

IT services


Complex SAAS solutions

    • We deliver complex SAAS solutions for clients in Europe and the US.
    • Having deployed high user volume apps to production systems and we prefer to use the proven and reliable technology stack for our development:
      Front-End: React.js, Angular, Vue.js
      Back-End: Python, Node.js
      Databases: PostgreSQL, MongoDB
      Deployment: AWS, Google Cloud
      Proven 3rd party APIs: AWS EC2, SQS, S3, Mailgun
      Deployment tools: AWS Code Complete, Jenkins
      Testing automation tools: Selenium
    • We prefer working on solutions that give us the challenge and involve serious engineering effort to get them delivered. Our preferred work model is team augmentation where we provide a developer under your management and he/she works full time for you on months and years.
    • One example of our solution is Recomposer.com which is used by a world champion and over 20000 professional bodybuilders to help them achieve best results in the world for their body recomposition.

Digital marketing

    • We provide SEO marketing
      • SEO strategy
      • SEO tracking
      • Content check
      • Content strategy
      • Competitor analysis
      • SEO audit
    • We provide social media marketing (SMM)
        • Audit and analysis
        • Strategy development
        • Creatives
        • Campaigns
        • Targeting
        • Collaborations with KOLs
        • Analysis and Optimization


      Data and subject analysis and investigation

      Maintaing communication systems

      Business Intelegence & Data warehousing development


      Web-site development


      Techincal support